Intra-agency Agreement for Temporary Special Assignment of Personnel

Click here for the memo from Senior Vice Chancellor Linda Baer and
Vice Chancellor Lori Lamb regarding the implementation of the recommendations of the Intra-agency Agreement Task Force.

The documents below are intended to be used when a MnSCU institution, as the primary employer, is engaged to provide services of its employees, on a temporary basis, to another MnSCU institution or to the Office of the Chancellor.

Communication between Academic Affairs and Human Resources prior to the approval and execution of a temporary special assignment of personnel is essential. Please review and follow the communications flowchart that details the approval process.

In these instances, an Approval Letter or Intra-agency Agreement must be used. Please review the guidelines for using these documents.

  • An Approval Letter (click link for template) will be used if the assignment will result in a one-time payment of $500 or less.
  • A revised Intra-agency Agreement (click link for template)will be used if the assignment results in multiple payments or payment of $501 or greater.