Leadership Development

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is committed to growing its own leaders in addition to continuing to attract top talent from diverse and national pools.

We have several internal leadership programs for supervisors, managers, mid-level leaders and executives to support development along the leadership pipeline.

Frontline Leadership: Supervisory Training
Up-to-date resources and training programs for new and experienced supervisors in our system. E-learning content and in-depth labs and seminars to help all leaders in our system become more effective.

NOTE:  Completion of the Art and Science of Supervision successfully meets the state's statutory requirement for new supervisory training

Supervisor Toolkit
The Supervisor Toolkit provides checklists, templates and tips for leaders in the MnSCU system to assist and support you in your everyday work as a manager or supervisor.

Leading Project Teams
Workshops that provide tools and resources for leaders of project teams, whether or not they have formal supervisory or management responsibility.

New Administrator Orientation and Coaching
An annual day and a half orientation for new administrators and the availability of three individual coaching sessions. 

Administrator Development
Orientation and individual coaching for new administrators, in-person seminars, labs and online courses to help all administrators succeed in our complex and fast-changing environment.

Luoma Leadership Academy
An intensive year-long development program for a cohort of individuals who aspire to future leadership positions or want to improve their leadership skills in their current position.

MnSCU Executive Leader Development program
A year-long program designed to strengthen our executive leadership pipeline by identifying high performing, high potential leaders from our system and accelerating their development. 

Additional Resources: 

In addition to MnSCU’s program offerings, external or executive leadership development programs are available.  For more information, see: National/Regional Programs

To better understand the skills, knowledge, abilities, and personal characteristics that help support leader success in our system, please see the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’ Leadership Competencies and the Leadership Competencies Toolkit.