MnSCU's Workers' Compensation Program

MnSCU is self-insured for workers’ compensation and claims are administered by the Minnesota Department of Administration pursuant to Minnesota Statute 176.541.  Generally, Minnesota Workers’ Compensation covers injuries or occupational disease that arise out of and in the course of employment.  Information regarding specific employee benefits for accepted claims may be found here.

The MnSCU workers’ compensation program utilizes the services of CorVel, a certified managed care plan.  Managed care plans are certified by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, and provide for the delivery and management of medical treatment for injured employees through a network of health care providers.  CorVel services include access to a statewide network of certified managed health care providers, coordination of health care services, medication review, along with file and bill review.  Employees may call 612-436-2542 or 866-399-8541 to speak with a nurse about their work-related injuries and illness and to receive information about CorVel's provider network or you may use the following link to locate a provider: Corvel Provider Directory

1.    Click the Search button for "Find a Provider"
2.    For Select a Network choose "MN Certified Managed Care"
3.    Complete additional search criteria and click on "Find providers that meet the search criteria"

Each campus has its own procedures for reporting and handling claims.  The Human Resources Office on each campus is an integral part of the claims management team.  The System Office supports the Workers’ Compensation Coordinators and Human Resource Offices on the campuses by providing timely information and correspondence about the state’s workers’ compensation program, providing claim management assistance, presenting training and representing MnSCU’s interest in any claim settlement.

Forms for Reporting an Incident

The following forms are to be completed and submitted to your Workers’ Compensation Coordinator as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours after the incident or by the end of the next business day.

Employee Forms 

Supervisor Forms