MnSCU's Workers' Compensation Program

Workers' Compensation is a no fault insurance program that pays benefits to employees who sustain injuries or illnesses where their employment is a substantial contributing factor. As an agency of the State of Minnesota, MnSCU's workers' compensation claims are administered by the Department of Administration Workers Compensation Program. They provide claims management, disability management and managed health care services for all state employees who have compensable claims. Our workers' compensation program utilizes the services of Corvel, a certified workers' compensation managed care plan, which provides state employees with all necessary medical treatment for work-related injuries and illness.

Each campus has its own procedures for reporting and managing claims. The Human Resources Office on each campus is an integral part of the claims management team. The System Office supports the Workers' Compensation Coordinators and Human Resource Offices on the campuses by providing timely information and correspondence about the state's workers' compensation program, providing claim management assistance, presenting training and representing MnSCU's interest in any claim settlement.

We strive to treat all injured employees with dignity and respect. We work with employees, supervisors, claim specialists and rehabilitation specialists to insure employees' quick recovery and return to work. We strive to reduce costs through accident prevention, training, job modifications and early return to work for employees. We follow the laws of the State and the policies of the State Workers' Compensation Program to ensure that all parties are treated fairly.

As part of our on-going commitment to providing campus Human Resources Offices with information and the means to efficiently manage the workers' compensation function on their campuses, this site provides links to important forms and information about the state's program as well as access to a library of training materials and other information.


Procedures for Workers' Compensation Injuries Outside of the Corvel Coverage Area

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Leave of Absence and Insurance Requirements for Employees Receiving Temporary or Permanent Total Disability Workers' Compensation Benefits

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Workers' Compensation Payment Transaction Process (PDF)

SEMA4 Entries for Non-SEMA4 Employees, including Student Workers

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